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Thanks to the Beauty & Brains Scholarship, I have been granted some financial security for college, but beyond this, it has taught me to be grateful for all the opportunities that I have been blessed with. It has shown me how I can be a mentor, providing tips about college, like the organization does. This scholarship has reminded me that there are people other than myself and my family that believe in my future success, and are rooting for me. This scholarship has pushed me to be better, reminding me every time that I wear my pink D.Y.M.O.N. t-shirt to take pride in my intelligence, share my talents with others, and encourage them to do the same. “

-Jaela McDonald

Brittany Bowers Beauty&Brains

Scholarship Recipient

“This scholarship helped me get school supplies I needed my freshman year, and also helped me get a computer for my interior design classes.”

Here’s her encouraging words for upcoming college students:
“I would tell students to take those AP classes! As many as they think they can handle, because it really helps with tuition. Also, pay attention to scholarships within your major and EVERYONE can study abroad if they do the work needed to get there. Also, parties are not worth your education. You can get taken out of school for smoking and drinking underage in a heartbeat.”

-Brianna Bufford

Brittany Bowers Beauty&Brains

Scholarship Recipient


The Learning Center was founded on the belief that every student has the ability to learn.


D.Y.M.O.N in the Rough (Dynamic Young Minorities of Nashville) is a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by Brittany Bowers Tyler in September of 2012.  The organization’s composition provides scholarships and mentoring programs that enhance the lives of inner city and minority youth, and ultimately shape and prepare their futures. D.Y.M.O.N is looking to expand outside of the Nashville territory to reach other youth in need. We are funded through our creative fundraisers, dynamic events, and generous donations/sponsorships from our supportive community.

Our Mission: We are committed to providing a safe haven for inner city and minority youth as we refine, enrich, and empower them through mentorship, community outreach, and scholarships

Our Vision: To help individuals cultivate high self-esteem, achieve scholastic excellence, and attain fulfillment in life realizing their full potential and purpose. In addition to these ideas, we financially support individuals desiring elevated education all across the United States.


  • Annual Beauty & Brains Fashion Show
  • Mind Body & Soul 5k Fun Run
  • Hearts for Hunger 


  • D.Y.M.O.N Scholarship
  • Brittany Bowers Beauty & Brains Scholarship
  • Mind Body & Soul Scholarship
  • DYMON Supports FHJ Scholarship


  • Ladies in the Making Mentor Program (High School)
  • DYMON Nashville After Zone Alliance Program (Middle School)



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