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Ladies in the Making Mentor Program (High School)

“Ladies in the Making”, named by the students involved, is a mentoring program that allows the opportunity for students to receive additional support; both academically and socially by interacting with an adult professional in a mentor/ mentee capacity. Students are able to develop meaningful relationships, and explore varied aspects of becoming well rounded ladies through structured sessions and hands-on experiences.

 Students are able to partake in real life discussions, address the day-to-day concerns of being a young woman (self-esteem, peer pressure, gossip, etc.), and develop good decision making skills.  In addition to these concepts, this program helps to prepare students for, ”The Real World”,  allowing them the opportunity to grow through ; social and business etiquette training, financial management coaching, career placement and advancement mentoring, and tutoring and academic improvement options, establishing principles for their future success.

Students will make a personal connection based on trust and mutual respect. Mentors will assist in defining mentees’ personal goals and provide them with opportunities to attain those goals. They will share their knowledge of educational and professional requirements to ensure future success of students. Mentors will offer information, advice, references, and resources to assist mentee's needs.

How do I become a Mentor or a Mentee?

Go to our "Contact Us" page and send us a message! Or email us at

DYMON NAZA Afterschool Program (Middle School)

DYMON is partnering with Nashville After Zone Alliance(NAZA) to provide a free, quality afterschool program that provides academic support and creative outlets for Metro Nashville Public Schools' middle school students who cannot access other afterschool programs due to cost or transportation issues.

These students are provided the following for FREE:

-Academic Support


-Meaningful activities

-Meals and snacks

-Transportation home through the Metro School Bus

-Educational Field Trips: Example-Nashville Children's Theatre

-Recreational Field Trips: Example- Skate Center

-And more!